Suzuki GR650 - Privacy statement

Messageboard, the SaaS Provider behind this forum, respects the privacy of our clients visitors and takes all the possible steps to protect your data. The processing of this personal information is carried out in a way which is in complaince with the Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (Law protection personal information). This data will not be shared with third parties with the exception the Justice Departement, in the case of criminal conduct. In addition, we use the knowledge of our engineers to protect the information at the best of our possibilities.

Purposes of information processing

Your personal information will be processed by us to create and maintain your account wich you can post messages on this forum. Aside from this, there will be personal information be registered to comply to Dutch laws.

What information does Messageboard have about you?

We have the following information of the visitors of this website :

Permission to place cookies

Under the cookie law enforced by the Dutch goverment, we are forced to ask permission to place cookies and to store this permission with your IP-address for the next five years. This information is only available for us and the checking authorities.

Account information

After registering on this forum all information you submit in the registration form is saved on our servers, after which we retain access to this data. This information will only be used to maintain your account and will be removed once you remove your account.

Contact form

The contact form is only used for processing your notices or complains. This information will not be shared with third parties.


This website collects statistics of their visitors to optimize the website. These statistics are only for internal use and will not be shared with third parties.

Inspection, correction and right to resist

If you have a relationship with our company or one of our customers, you have the possibility to inspect your personal information by sending a request in writing. If the provided information contains incorrect information you can request us to remove or correct this information, in writing.

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(We do not offer telephone support, please use our contact form instead.)

Modifying the privacy statement

We keep the right to edit this privacy statement. Modifications will be published on this website.

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