English Please!

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English Please!

Postby wick157 » 26 Nov 2011, 04:21

How do I get this web site switched to english?! I have no idea what language I'm in but this site is almost usless
until I get it fixed.

Any help would be greatly appriciated.


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Re: English Please!

Postby Dwarf » 27 Nov 2011, 18:43

To change your language:

Under the black and gray picture of the GR650 on the top right side of your screen there are two bars:
1/ Board Index
2/ User Control Panel

Select the second one.
The User Control Panel appears with 6 tabs:
Overview, Profile, Board Preferences, Private Messages, User Groups, Friends and Foes

Click on the 3rd one: Board Preferences

There is a drop-down list, choose "British English"
Then press the "Submit" Button - the right side button on the bottom of the page.

- Dwarf
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Re: English Please!

Postby wick157 » 27 Nov 2011, 22:38

Got it!

Big thanks to you Dwarf.


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