Took out my old GR

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Took out my old GR

Postby jorgeno » 08 Aug 2018, 18:07

After 4 years of storage it was finally time to take my old GR out for a ride. Did some maintenance, like changing oil, brake fluid and so on. After 3 attempts it started right up :D so far, so good.

Before I put it for long time storage I remember the battery was dried. But I didn’t checked it up. And now, after driving some miles there was no power left. I barely make my way home. Did some measurements, and discover that the r/r was broken. Didn’t charged the battery, only 12,5V. Stator was god (80V@5000rpm).
A good advice from the GS forum is to install a used Shindengen SH775 from EBay. So I did, and it now deliver 14,2V. Perfect! :D

It so fun to ride the old GR again. It runs so great.
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