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New guy here

Postby dbax129 » 11 Jul 2009, 21:54

Ok, so i need to take a couple new pictures now. I'll do that in the next week or so. I am in washington, usa. I reckon most of you folk are way off in the EU or something, because they only imported this bike here for 2 years, I guess most of the world got it for 8. Anyway, I've got an 83, with issues.
Dang charging system doesn't,
oil coming out of all kinds of places
needs valve adjustments
Is pretty ugly looking
Other than that...
O, and has real bad exhaust leakage.
And the clutch push rod is bent
and the seal is broken, because of the spinning bent rod
and it needs new brakes, front and back
and its really ugly
BUT! I'm working on all of these things, have most of the parts, have done some painting, have done a ton of polishing, and have 2x as much more to do, and yeah, I love this bike.

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Postby Dwarf » 12 Jul 2009, 14:34

Hang in there! These bikes are a lot of work but they are WELL worth the effort!
I have been working on mine for almost two years before it was ready for the road. Oil leaks, valve adjustments ( no wonder it ran so rough when I bought it - the valves had NO clearance, and were not seating! )

I have only ridden it for 100 km so far, but am really impressed. It purrs along so calmly at moderate speeds and because of the big flywheel effect, and doesn't have the 'chain snatching' surges in RPM when starting and stopping in tight traffic. On the highway it can pull from 100km to 130km in six seconds just rolling the throttle on in top gear.
( 60 mph to 80 mph, - is your USA speedometer in miles or kilometers? The GR650 that were sold here in Canada only have Kilometers shown on the dial ! )

- Dwarf
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