Gday from Adelaide, Oz

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Gday from Adelaide, Oz

Postby heartfire » 27 Dec 2009, 04:48

G'day All,

Bought my GR650 on the Gold Coast a couple of years ago. Great, easy
bike to ride after a GN250. Plently of guts up the mountains and also very
forgiving at low revs.

Rode it back to Adelaide a couple of months ago, where I now live.. just
made it OK with a new DRZ-400 regulator & battery on the way.

But now :cry: some work to do: oil in cylinders.. time for a rebuild of
some sort. Just found this forum so once I have a camera working, I'll
start asking questions.

The chassis is '83 but the plate says '88 so must have been stored for 5
years before being sold (?). Been told oversized pistons not available in
Oz, I'll be asking about this too.

Thanks for this forum.. really a relief to find it and the expertise here!

John :)

Big R
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Postby Big R » 27 Dec 2009, 12:13

First off, welcome to the site!

Sorry to hear about the problems with your GR. When you said the plate had 88 on it, what plate are you talking about? Maybe if your lucky the oil won't be TOO big of a problem. I haven't heard of oversized pistons in the US but haven't had to look for them yet either. There are some very knowledgable people on here (much more than me) so don't be afraid to ask anything!
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Postby Dwarf » 30 Dec 2009, 04:06

Gday John,
How many kilometers/miles on your GR? These bikes seem to go 80,000 km easy without a rebuild. Maybe the oil in the cylinders is from the valves, not the pistons? A new set of stock size piston rings and a light hone of the barrels may be all you need, unless the bike was run a long time without an air filter? Before you tear it apart, try doing an oil change with 10W50 synthetic oil, and see if that solves the blue smoke / oily sparkplug problems.

- Dwarf (Currently in Tokyo Japan! I will see the new year before the rest of you!!!! )
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Postby Buckers » 30 Dec 2009, 09:14

Oh... I beg to differ Dwarf! Us Aussies will see the turn of the year a couple of hours before the land of the rising sun.

While you are there, scout about for a parts supplier and set up a distribution agreement. It would be good to have someone in the know :wink:

Happy new year all


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Postby Leon » 04 Jan 2010, 02:11

Welcome John,

an occasoinal puff of smoke from a 25 year old bike is not unexpected. How bad is it?
The cost of a full rebuild will probabaly be greater than value of bike. Unless you are madly in love with GR a cheaper easier choice may be to sell it and get something newer
If you must do a rebuild there may be alternative pistons that can be adapted. I have heard but have no proof that late/last series front wheel drive holden gemini pistons are same size. May be able to find OS pistons from gemini?

good luck


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Thanks guys!

Postby heartfire » 04 Jan 2010, 03:19

Hi all & thanks for comments. I'll start other threads for details, but just for now I can tell you that: it's already in bits.. took the topend to be assessed properly - measured etc - and know it needs a rebore.. it's done at least 106,170km. The 'plate' with 1988 on it is riveted to the frame just under the regulator/rectifier on the left side. The valves are loose and need replacing too. Guess the oil was getting in there too. Have the number of another workshop guy who works on racebikes.. I hear a possibility may be to rebore and install tungsten cylinder sleeves so that standard pistons are still the go. We'll see.

Thanks again for your welcome and encouragement!! :D

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