I'm back!

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I'm back!

Postby VictorM. » 23 Jun 2010, 23:31

After sorting out some of the usual electrical problems (rectifier/regulator, starter motor) on my GR, it's once again a reliable daily rider. I replaced the r/r with one from a GSXR600. The starter motor has been replaced with a 'remanufactured' unit.

The ugly, uncomfortable seat has been replaced with a flatter version from ebay. I also added some more foam and trimmed off the step. It's now pretty comfortable.

Next: new brake pads and fork gaiters.

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Postby VictorM. » 23 Jun 2010, 23:37

Almost forgot: I replaced the long stem, chrome turn signals at the rear with NOS black, short stem ones from ebay. Last week, I set the pilot screws to 3 turns out (left) and 3 1/8 turns out (right). Almost perfect idling and a 20% increase in mileage. A 300km (185 mile) ride last Sunday gave 73.3mpg.

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Postby lucky1 » 24 Jun 2010, 03:27

maybe i can get you to set my carbs, i just rebuild them and now it is stalling at the lights and the plugs are black and sooty

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Postby Big R » 24 Jun 2010, 17:08

Victor, do you have any pics of the seat or a link to the ebay seller?
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Postby VictorM. » 24 Jun 2010, 23:51

The seat is the same as the one shown in the Cycle World long term test article. It's an oem seat, but different from the extreme stepped one my GR came with. I pulled the cover back and added two layers of camping foam-about ¾" thick total. Then I trimmed off most of the step using a bread knife. It ended up looking very similar to the picture in the CW article.

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Postby Dwarf » 21 Jul 2010, 12:27

Can you ride to Port Dover with us on Friday August 13th?
See the Port Dover thread in the 'Meetings' section of the forum.

- Dwarf
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Postby Lahagerman » 21 Jul 2010, 21:00

I couldn't help but laugh, I just shaved about an inch off the seat because I felt too high on it. There was a lot of foam on it already, the seat that is. haha

I migh remove some more of the padding just because I dont want to ride that high. I wish they mae a highway style seat for the bike, I am considering making one, but dont want to be unable to ride. Maybe if I can find another seat for cheap I will give it a go.

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