Just a quick thanks and Hello

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Just a quick thanks and Hello

Postby jdl_650 » 21 Aug 2010, 06:40

hello to all gr riders , i've just got mine running , bought it for 400 bucks , spent about 700 on upgrades and missing items , the 2nd previous owner started to bob it , as much as i can figure , he took out and lost about everything . it needed a seat , battery, air box , inner rear fender , chain guard , rear signals , seat latch , grab bar . but through ebay i managed to make it look like a gr again .

so through reading all your posts over the last few months i decided to join in and as well say thanks for all the info to be had here . and the people seem very nice ..

with your help i have done the following

16t front sprocket
daytona bars from jc whitney (link found here)
big chrome 6" grips
billet chrome mirrors

and of course how i get the bike is all too familiar , sitting for years all gummed up .. with plugged left side carb and a bad rectifier

but i must say i am really excited to get out there , insurance starts monday , pretty late in the season up here but oh well .



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Postby lucky1 » 21 Aug 2010, 14:29

welcome to the forum jdl_650, always good to see another GR fan

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