Hey, I'm kwazykid

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Hey, I'm kwazykid

Postby kwazykid » 02 Mar 2011, 03:53

Hey Everyone!
I'm Cloudhopper's son, Ben. I live in the middle of Kansas and just got a GR. I'm still learning a lot about bikes but this forum has helped so much already! My wife and I only have 1 car and this motorcycle should make things easier on both of us. Plus its so much fun! My dad and I have been trading ideas on how to fix up our bikes and we've both got some great ideas. We'll see how they turn out! I'll post some pics of what I've already done to mine in the photo album.

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Postby vtwin » 02 Mar 2011, 04:50

Welcome, these little bikes are way overlooked. Glad to see more of them being saved.

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