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newby to forum

Postby rocketron » 18 Jul 2012, 21:02

Hi there everyone, my name is ron and i recently bought a gr650 x, mostly because it looked good and was quite rare.
After delivery the bike was running fine but very dirty,didnt look like it had been cleaned for years. the rear axle,shock area looking the worst ,so for the
last couple of weeks have cleaned and painted up the rear a bit (dont want to go the restore route yet as want to ride man!!!),renewed rear linings,front pads
repaired seat, serviced. Thought she was ready for m.o.t. then found front brake switch not working and after scraping at a bit of rust on tank there appeared
a hole :cry: ,got some tank repair to fix up, but now need to derust and paint tank and might as well do side panels too match, will post some pics soon.
By the way thinkin of twin discs for front, anybody done this conversion? could the forks off a gs550/850 be used?cheers for now , Ron

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Re: newby to forum

Postby oldrookie » 29 Jul 2012, 13:58

This site has gotten pretty quiet lately, but Welcome!

Bummer about the tank. The front brake switch is about $10 U.S. and is still available.

I'd check for info about interchangeable forks. My guess is that they would work. Lots of interchangeable parts with the GS bikes.

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