G'Day from Sydney, OZ

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G'Day from Sydney, OZ

Postby Musicdpk » 31 Jan 2013, 01:52

Hi Guys
I've had my GR650 since March 2012. It's a spoke wheel X model, 1983 with 107000 kms on the clock and runs great. I like the bike a lot, it's got replica Dunstall pipes and makes a wicked sound. It's easily fast enough for me at present. I'm returning to riding. I warm it up away from where I live, to stay on reasonable terms with the neighbours.
The previous owner commuted every day 160 kms. The bike starts every time and looks good for it's age. Valve guides are worn, it blows a bit of smoke on start-up, and it leaks a bit of oil. Nothing to be worried about, I've been reliably informed. If old bikes leak a bit, it means there's oil in there! Work done: got stator and reg/rectifier replaced, carbs cleaned, new fork seals and new air cleaner.

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Re: G'Day from Sydney, OZ

Postby vtwin » 26 Feb 2013, 21:54

You may be able to just replace the valve seals and fix your oil burning.

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