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Brisbane Australia

Postby d4g6k11 » 15 Feb 2016, 10:41


I just recently bought an 83 GR650. It looks to have about 90k+ on the engine but it still runs well. The bike has had some minor modifications made to it (handlebars and exhaust) but generally the rest appears to be untouched.

I'm looking forward to slowly reconditioning the bike and learning some basic motorcycle mechanics at the same time. I'm personally only at the change oil, filters, and spark plugs stage at the moment.

I think I'll need to rebuild the engine at some stage so I'll be trying to source those parts soon. From what I've read the GS models have a lot of parts that are compatible for the rest of the bike so that will be of help.

I hope this forum can provide some technical advice and support along the way :)


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