Hello From B.C. Canada

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Hello From B.C. Canada

Postby ScootToots » 23 Jul 2016, 00:16

Hi there,

I recently acquired a 1984 GR650 Tempter (the model with air forks and non-spoke wheels). Going to clean and coat the tank insides due to rust, then replace suspect hoses, etc. I have already installed a brand new air filter assembly (OEM). The bike seems to run well. It had been sitting. I has 24,000 km on the clock. My intent is to customize the bike -- and enjoy it! :-)

Here it is in stock condition:

(well I tried to attach a photo, but the 'attachments' feature is not working. I uploaded the image which is 313 kb and the status indicated failure because it was too large even though the maximum size stated is 400kb)

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Re: Hello From B.C. Canada

Postby jb48 » 24 Jul 2016, 11:47

It looks like you are the fourth new member since beginning of 2016. Welcome and keep the few of us informed about how it is going with the GR 650!

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Re: Hello From B.C. Canada

Postby Mike Sr » 24 Jul 2016, 18:11

Wow! That bike is clean. I don't care what you paid for it, it was well bought. These bikes were not big sellers when new (except in Europe). After riding one 7 years ago, I could not imagine why they didn't sell better. I seem to remember the economy was still in recover mode. My riding and purchasing power was reduced due to family growth at the time. My present GR650 was sadly neglected for a looooong time. I hope to resurrect it to it's former glory.
Congrats on your beauty.
Mike Sr.

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